Types of Day Care

As a parent, you may explore many options to locate the most appropriate child care arrangement for your children. You should be able to choose a program that will meet your family’s needs.

Four Types of Regulated Child Day Care are Available in Pennsylvania.

  1. Day Care Center - A state-licensed facility providing care for seven or more children.
  2. Group Day Care Home – A state-licensed facility providing care for no more than 12 children.
  3. Family Day Care Home – A state-certified family residence with one caregiver providing care for four, five, or six children unrelated to the caregiver.
  4. Nursery School – A part-time preschool facility licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Unregulated Child Day Care

Another type of child care that may be an option for your family is care provided by a relative. This type of care could also be paid for if the relative is willing to sign an agreement and is willing to have a child abuse and criminal background check done. The relative must also be a specified relationship. Please contact your local CCIS Office for additional information.