Keystone Stars

Keystone Stars

As you search for quality child care, reach for Keystone STARS! 

Choosing the right child care for your family is a huge decision, but chances are you have to make this decision right away – and it has to be close and not cost too much. 

Picking A Program

Keystone STARS helps you know what to expect when picking a program. 

Child care programs that participate in Keystone STARS:

  1. meet standards for teacher quality, classroom and learning activities, 
  2. work with you to support your child, and 
  3. manage their program.  

More Stars = Higher Quality

Programs can earn from one to four Stars – the more Stars, the higher the quality. You know that they are meeting certain quality standards by their STAR rating – it can help narrow your search and get you to the right program faster.

Visit and select “Keystone STARS” for more information.