Apply for Benefits

Call the CCIS office in your county to obtain a subsidy application packet or apply online at

  • Each parent/caretaker in your home will be required to submit Employment Verification forms stating wages and work hours.
  • If you are in high school, your school must verify enrollment and class schedule.
  • If you are working at least 20 hours per week and are in an approved training program, we may be able to help. Please inquire.
  • You must document other household income from child support, social security, unemployment benefits, etc.

Contact us with any questions.

Juniata-Mifflin CCIS

10 Bollinger Road
Lewistown, PA 17044

Phone: 717-242-4346
Toll-free: 1-866-803-4346
Fax: 717-242-3835

Snyder-Union CCIS

102 Quail Lane
Suite 2

Mifflinburg, PA 17844

Phone: 570-966-2216
Toll-free: 1-866-966-2216
Fax: 570-966-3850